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Patti Durkin – Skin Care Expert

“My skin care training began in my early 20s. I saw the sun damaged skin on family members and friends and knew that I did not want that. I stopped sun bathing, applied sunscreen and learned about the different types of skin and how to treat them. For my business, I sought out estheticians whose work I admired and trained with them. I have countless hours of continuing education and attend training classes that complement my practice and keep me up to date. My practice includes identifying the client’s skin type so the appropriate techniques and products are applied to give you optimal results. I learn about your lifestyle and then make recommendations for at home care. In my experience, consistent, targeted treatment options are more effective than aggressive treatments that promise instant results. As it takes years for the skin to show signs of damage, it may take time to get it back into good shape. Professional facials every 4-6 weeks partnered with an at-home regimen will give you good, healthy skin. You will find that I aim for simplicity so a skin care regimen with my guidance becomes a seamless part of your life. My facial clients include men and women and ages 15-75. I have specially priced services to help you maintain healthy skin and I do not accept gratuities for my services. I do appreciate your business and referrals.”

“Skin care, though it feels luxurious is not a luxury. It’s a part of a healthy lifestyle. Clients need to be informed that seriously looking after their skin is crucial during 30’s through 50’s. This is the time when skin shows signs of hormonal fluctuation, lifestyle or environmental exposure, and this is the time when those conditions are treatable. In 60’s cellular death starts to take place and the damage to the skin will become irreversible. We are given only one skin suit and we need to take good care of it.” (Author unknown)

Our Skin Care Products

facial treatmentThe skin is the largest organ of the body and it can ingest what you put on it. My quest for organic, plant-based skin care products began in 2004. I wanted a skin care line that would be healthy for the body, yield results and be certified by proper authorities. The ingredients had to be grown without toxic insecticides, herbicides, fertilizers, etc. I also wanted the end product to not contain harmful chemicals, animal by-products or be tested on animals. Eminence Organic Skincare fit the bill and their introduction to Columbia, SC began in my salon in 2004. Seven Doors has been Eminence’s largest retailer in SC since. Boldijarre Koronczay, President of Eminence and Master Esthetician has privately trained me with this product line and because of our successful partnership, he personally led an informative, sold out seminar for my clients in 2006. My clients still talk about that workshop!

Oncology Skin Care

Patricia has advanced training from Oncology Esthetics. The skin goes through many different changes and abuse when undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapies so it needs to be handled carefully and skillfully. Not only do these specialized facials offer comfort to the skin, they also offer relaxation and escape from cancer treatments.

Facial Treatments for Women and Men

Age-Reversal Facial Treatments

Balancing Facial

How does your skin feel and look? Red? Dehydrated and Rough? Dull and Fatigued? Sun-damaged? Blemished? Aged beyond your years? A Balancing Facial is specifically designed to correct the issue with proper products and massage techniques. Your face and chest will be transformed and you will be on the path to good hydration (glowing) and a smooth, soft texture to the skin. A soothing neck massage eases any tension.

55 minutes, $70
BEST DEAL EVER: 12 Balancing Facials, scheduled monthly: $720, savings of $120
Also receive 10% off all skin care products during your package promotion.

Express Balancing Facial – 30 minute , $45

Red Carpet Ready Face

Just as the name implies, your face will be ready for any special event and photo op. This positively stimulating facial is designed to increase circulation, plump, firm and wake up a dull complexion. Natural fruit acids exfoliate the skin while paprika stimulates circulation and detoxifies the epidermis. An organic retinol and bamboo masque plumps and strengthens skin cells. Eyes and lips are also treated for specific concerns. Next a micro current is applied to the face with prongs, stimulating the facial muscles to improve elasticity, diminish puffiness, and minimize pores. Finally a serum with an organic retinol alternative and a peptide-infused moisturizer are applied to finish this luxurious treatment. Walk out with that radiant look enjoyed by so many stars on the red carpet.

75 minutes, $115
6 facial treatment package (6th one free), $575

Targeted Treatment Peels

Naturally occurring acids offer a gentle, effective way to exfoliate the skin on a consistent basis without downtime. These results oriented peels are formulated with alpha hydroxy acids and active ingredients found in fruits, vegetables, plants and seeds. Individual peels target signs of aging, dullness, skin redness, blemishes and dark spots/hyperpigmentation. Nature and science come together in these treatments creating lasting benefits and skin cell renewal. Combine an at-home peel solution with a professional treatment for optimal results.

55 minute facial, $85
6 treatments package, $460, a savings of $50

Recommended for home use with professional peel: VitaSkin™ Exfoliating Peel, $79

Back Purifying Treatment

Is your back ready to be displayed? Improve the texture and nourish your back with this relaxing treatment. Back is thoroughly cleansed, exfoliated, primed with antioxidants and proper moisturizer. Men and women enjoy this treatment for the often neglected back.

Back Purifying Treatment, $65

We also offer arm and/or hand treatments as an add-on service to any facial. Please ask us about these services.


Because of Patricia’s decades of experience with color theory and how it applies to skin tones, she is very adept in choosing the best cosmetic colors for you. Patricia teaches easy, flattering makeup techniques and you will be able to duplicate the look at home. She is also skilled with camouflage application and has worked with post-surgery bruising, port wine stains and more. Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup has been sold in Seven Doors since 2004 as well. It is best to schedule an appointment with her so she can be available to assist you.

Éminence Organic Skin Care is our product of choice for all of facials and at home skin care.Eminence Organics skin care

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