Retinols, Botox, & Fillers and the Keys to Healthy-Looking Skin

I am often asked about my opinions on use of retinols, Botox and fillers.
First of all, if it makes you happy and you see positive results, then it is right for you. I am of the belief that you can get positive results without invasive procedures and many of my clients believe the same; that is why I attract those individuals to Seven Doors for my European-style facials. 95% of my clients do not use Botox or fillers.

The keys to healthy-looking skin with minimal wrinkles are: wear sun block, use a serum and moisturizer, hydrate internally, eat green vegetables daily and minimize stress. If you are considering any type of injectable, do your research on the product and doctor. Some doctors and nurses only take a weekend course to get “certified” in this area of esthetics.

Overusage of retinols results in a complexion resembling shiny wax, has redness, flakiness and looks uncomfortably tight. With Botox, too much and facial muscles are frozen, showing no emotion which is unnatural. When communicating, it is very important to show emotion; your next job, companion, etc. could depend upon it. 25 year olds have started with what is called “preventative” Botox. Wrinkles around the eyes, mouth and forehead generally appear at age 35 so getting Botox in your 20s supposedly will hold off wrinkles past 35. My concern would be muscle atrophy which is the wasting away of muscles. Use of fillers can get out of hand especially when the cheeks are so puffy they almost meet the tip of the nose! Why doesn’t the doctor tell their patients that they have had enough Botox or fillers? Because they don’t want to lose the client and the more they inject, the more money they make.

A year of facials with me is less expensive than 2 full rounds of Botox. Please call 803.254.1507 to schedule your facial with Patti.



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